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Do you have a customer referral program?

We do have a referral program. Whether you are referring a customer or partner/organization. We have programs to create a bi-lateral relationship. Click the contact us page and request to speak with someone from our Operations team.

How do we dispose of the Iguanas we capture?

South Florida Iguana Removal works with local companies in order to donate to shelters for food, and farms.

Can Iguanas be relocated from my residence?

Under state law it is illegal relocate and release Iguanas to another location in Florida. Homeowners who trap Iguanas are encouraged to reach out to organizations that provide euthanasia services in order to properly dispose of the exotic animal.

What kind of damage can Iguanas cause?

Iguanas are known burrowers causing damage to sidewalks, foundations, seawalls, berms and canal banks. This can cause instability in foundations for hardened structures and fencing depending on the extent. For those who have farms or home gardens, Iguanas are known herbivores eating flowers and almost any vegetable.

Can Iguanas carry Salmonella?

Iguanas are known to carry Salmonella in their feces and have been known to spread to their skin.


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